Collection: Polymaker

It goes without saying: a good 3D printer requires the best filament to provide a good quality print. TechSoft Creative Technology is committed to supplying only the best quality materials and equipment.

Polymaker filament comes in a range of colours and in two diameters. For printers like the Up series, 1.75mm filament is available and for the Ultimaker models a 2.85mm filament, including a support filament for the UM3 is available. Various types of filament including PLA, ABS, Poly Carbonate, Flex and others are available. The incredible new PolySmooth filament which works with the PolySher smoothing box and a new filament storage box with humidity display, called PolyBox.

Polymaker are market leaders for quality in the 3D Printing Industry. All Polymaker filaments go through an 8 step process of quality control to ensure the filament that reaches your door meets the quality expectations of Polymaker's experienced technicians.