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PolyMax PLA

PolyMax PLA

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Increased Impact Strength PLA

PolyMax PLA is a special PLA blend with an increased Impact resistance up to 9 times better than regular PLA and 20% Better than ABS. The excellent printing quality and great mechanical strength of PolyMax PLA makes this material a favourite in a variety of fields, especially amongst prototype designers.

PolyMax PLA prints with no noticable warping, this excellent warping resistance and high printing quality makes PolyMax PLA the perfect material for people that require parts with very fine/accurate dimensions; like architectual models, prototypes, props, medical (models for study) and more.

Printing temp

190 – 220 degrees C 1.75mm

200 – 220 degrees C 2.85mm

Print Speed: 40 – 90 mm/s

Heat bed temp: Not necessary
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