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The New Smoothable 3D Printing Filament

Polishable: The first 3D printable filament engineered for layer free post-processing. PolyMaker have specifically developed PolySmooth™ to work alongside the Polysher™ providing the solution to dramatically improve the surface quality of 3D printed objects.

Easy to Print: PolySmooth™ is compatible with all filament-based 3D printers and prints under similar conditions as PLA. Featuring a wide printing temperature range, low odour and no heated bed required, PolySmooth™ is the perfect companion to your desktop 3D printer.

Optimized for Support: PolyMaker have taken their experience from PolySupport™ and engineered PolySmooth™ with the same support removal properties. Easily break away support from PolySmooth’s™ surface and once your model is polished there is no scar left on the surface.

Balanced Mechanical Properties: PolySmooth™ features well balanced mechanical properties, outperforming ABS and PLA on most attributes, making it an ideal material for everyday 3D printing.

Warping Free: PolySmooth™ exhibits minimal residual stress when printing which means almost no warping, making it ideal for printing large parts.

Recommended Printing Temp*: 210 – 230 °C

Recommended Printing Speed*: 40 – 90 mm/s

Recommended Heated Bed Temp: Up to 70 °C
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