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Engineered to generate easy to remove support material!

PolySupport was engineered to offer users a new solution to one of FDM 3D printings most intimidating problems: Support Material. PolySupport prints easily and can be stored like other 3D printing materials, with no sensitivity to normal moisture and heat. PolySupport generates adequate support structures to assist the construction of your 3D printed part. You don’t need to use tools and risk damaging your 3D print, simply peel PolySupport away with your hands! Suitable for both Single and Dual extrusion 3D printers in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter. Ultimaker 3 and Ultimker 3 Extended require 2.85mm.

Single or Dual Extruders

Whether you’re using dual-extrusion or single-extrusion, PolySupport is there to support your needs. PolySupport can be used as either a dedicated support material or as the support and modelling material. In both cases, the support structure can be removed easily!

Freedom to Create

Support material can be difficult to remove and in some cases you may need to use tools which can damage part. Polymaker developed PolySupport, a material specifically engineered to generate easy to remove support structures that are still adequate to support the print in progress.

Printing temp: 225 – 235 degrees C

Printing speed: ≤ 50 mm/s

Heated bed: Not necessary


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