PolyMaker Filaments

It goes without saying that a good 3D printer, requires the best filament, to provide a good quality print. TechSoft Creative Technology is committed to supplying only the best quality materials and equipment and PolyMaker meets the criteria.

PolyMaker filament comes in a range of colours and in two diameters. For printers like the Up series, 1.75mm filament is available and for the Ultimaker models a 2.85mm filament, including a support filament for the UM3 is available. Various types of filament including PLA, ABS, Poly Carbonate, Flex and others are available. The incredible new PolySmooth filament which works with the PolySher smoothing box and a new filament storage box with humidity display, called PolyBox.

Polymakers Quality Control

8 Steps of Quality Control to deliver uncompromised quality!

Polymaker are market leaders for quality in the 3D Printing Industry. All Polymaker filaments go through an 8 step process of quality control to ensure the filament that reaches your door meets the quality expectations of Polymakers experienced technicians.

“Here at Polymaker we pride ourselves on our quality control. We take our manufacturing seriously and that’s why we decided to share just how serious we take it. This level of care and control has not been seen within the industry to date. We do not wish to simply adhere to current standards, but aim to raise it to a new level for filaments in the 3D Printing Community.”Polymaker

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PolySmoothThe New Smoothable 3D Printing Filament

Polishable: The first 3D printable filament engineered for layer free post-processing. PolyMaker have specifically developed PolySmooth™ to work alongside the Polysher™ providing the solution to dramatically improve the surface quality of 3D printed objects.

Easy to Print: PolySmooth™ is compatible with all filament-based 3D printers and prints under similar conditions as PLA. Featuring a wide printing temperature range, low odour and no heated bed required, PolySmooth™ is the perfect companion to your desktop 3D printer.

Optimized for Support: PolyMaker have taken their experience from PolySupport™ and engineered PolySmooth™ with the same support removal properties. Easily break away support from PolySmooth’s™ surface and once your model is polished there is no scar left on the surface.

Balanced Mechanical Properties: PolySmooth™ features well balanced mechanical properties, outperforming ABS and PLA on most attributes, making it an ideal material for everyday 3D printing.

Warping Free: PolySmooth™ exhibits minimal residual stress when printing which means almost no warping, making it ideal for printing large parts.

Recommended Printing Temp*: 210 – 230 °C

Recommended Printing Speed*: 40 – 90 mm/s

Recommended Heated Bed Temp: Up to 70 °C

PolySmooth teal


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PolySher The other half of PolySmooth

The Polysher™ was designed with a meticulous care and attention to detail, from the electronics to the bolts used. With over 40 parts, PolyMaker engineers made sure nothing was overlooked ensuring accurate outcomes.

Intuitive & Easy To Use: Simply twist the dial to set the time, sit back and watch the magic happen.

Built-In Safety Features: The Polysher™ has been designed with smart electronics, and air tight seals ensuring safety for students and adults alike.

Low Costs: The Polysher™ is not only good value for money and an essential part of the PolySmooth system but its running cost is incredibly low too.

Technology: Nebulized Aerosol Polishing

Polishing Liquid: Isopropanol or ethanol, 70% or above [90% or higher recommended]

Polishing Time: 10 – 30 min typical (depending on part size)

Compatible Material: PolySmooth™ filament. DO NOT use other filaments in this unit.

  • PolysherFront

  • PolysherSide

  • PolysherCloseUps



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PolyPlus PLAPremium Colourful Jam-Free PLA

PolyPlus™ is a premium PLA designed for all desktop FDM/FFF 3D printers. It is produced with the PolyMaker patented Jam-Free™ technology that ensures consistent extrusion and prevents jams.

Safe and Clean

PolyPlus PLA is produced exclusively using NatureWorks’ Ingeo™ PLA resin. Unlike some filaments on the market PolyPlus PLA does not release hazardous odours ensuring a safe and clean printing experience. The PolyPlus PLA is not only certified for food contact but also completely biodegradable and has one of the most eco-responsible manufacturing processes in the industry, minimising the impact on our environment.


PolyPlus is available in 11 fun vibrant Opaque colours (Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Teal, Blue, Purple, Green, Grey, Black and White) and 4 Translucent colours (Translucent Blue, Red, Orange and Yellow) that offer a fun crystal shine. With so many colours to choose from, we are confident you will find the right choice for your 3D prints.

Jam Free

Polymakers patented Jam-Free technology dramatically improves the heat stability of their PLA filaments. PolyPlus PLA has a high softening temperature of more than 140 °C, over 80 degrees higher than other PLA filaments. While printing PolyPlus will never soften in the “cold end” and can melt rapidly once entering the heating zone, resulting in extremely smooth printing and no more nozzle jams!

PolySmooth teal


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PolyLite PLA and ABSPolymakers premium quality materials at a light price!

This is PolyMaker’s new less expensive filament. And what a great development it has turned out to be. Excellent printer compatibility and very consistent. In 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm diameters, this filament is offered in a 1kg roll.

Less Odour

PolyLite ABS was specifically developed to reduce emitted odors during printing ensuring the user a clean and safe printing environment.

Easy Printing

PolyLite PLA has been designed to offer excellent printer compatibility so you can achieve the printing same reliability and consistency you have come to expect from Polymakers other products.

Printing temp

195 – 230 degrees for PLA, 245 – 265 degrees for ABS

Print Speed

40 – 90 mm/s

Heated Bed

Not necessary for PLA but for ABS,  80 – 105 degrees recommended.



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PC-Max Poly CarbonatePC-Max features unmatched toughness compared to other materials of similar stiffness and excellent impact strength, heat resistance and fracture toughness!

PC-Max features unmatched toughness compared to other materials of similar stiffness and excellent impact strength, heat resistance and fracture toughness!

Polymaker PC-Max is a new polycarbonate based 3D printing filament designed for FDM / FFF desktop 3D printing!

PC-Max offers best in class toughness unobtainable of other 3D printing materials of similar stiffness. The excellent impact strength, heat resistance and fracture toughness of PC-Max make it a fantastic choice for engineering applications and parts that require high strength.

PolyCarbonate (PC) used to be reserved for those expensive “industrial” machines. It was notoriously difficult to print, printing at over 300 °C!

Polymaker lowered the printing temperature of their PolyCarbonate to a moderate 250 – 270 °C offering the fantastic strength of PC but with moderate printing temperatures and in return great warping resistance.

Polymaker PC-Max components are capable of withstanding temperatures well above 110 ºC, offering better heat resistance than almost all other 3D printing materials on the market.

Available in 1.75mm and 2.85 in black and white at this stage.

Printing temp: 250 – 270 degrees C

Printing Speed: 30 -90 mm/s

Heated bed temp: 80 degrees C

PC max PolyMaker


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PC-PlusExcellent mechanical strength compared to ABS and PLA!

Polymaker PC-Plus is a new polycarbonate based 3D printing filament designed for FDM / FFF desktop 3D printing!

PC-Plus features excellent heat resistance and fantastic mechanical strength. PolyCarbonate (PC) used to be reserved for those expensive “industrial” machines. It was notoriously difficult to print, printing at over 300 °C!

Polymaker changed this by engineering their PC to print at a moderate 250 – 270 °C offering the fantastic strength of PC but with moderate printing temperatures and in return great warping resistance.

PC max


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PolyMax PLAIncreased Impact Strength PLA

PolyMax PLA is a special PLA blend with an increased Impact resistance up to 9 times better than regular PLA and 20% Better than ABS. The excellent printing quality and great mechanical strength of PolyMax PLA makes this material a favourite in a variety of fields, especially amongst prototype designers. 

PolyMax PLA prints with no noticable warping, this excellent warping resistance and high printing quality makes PolyMax PLA the perfect material for people that require parts with very fine/accurate dimensions; like architectual models, prototypes, props, medical (models for study) and more.

Printing  temp

190 – 220 degrees C 1.75mm

200 – 220 degrees C 2.85mm

Print Speed: 40 – 90 mm/s

Heat bed temp: Not necessary



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PolyFlexEasier to print functional and fun flexible material!

PolyFlex is a flexible material designed to be compatible with a large variety of 3D Printers on the market. Many flexible filaments only work with one printer model or extruder type, with this in mind, Polymaker set out to make a material that everyone can use. The biggest challenge with soft filaments is they can often lead to problems with feeding, as they can be too soft to generate enough pressure. A common compromise is slowing down the printing speed significantly, with PolyFlex this isn’t required!


PolyFlex features a “Shore A” hardness of 90-95A with a large strain-to-failure of over 400%. These are tested values from PolyFlex printed parts, not just figures on a page. With PolyFlex you can print cool functional or fun flexible parts with no worry about the part breaking!


When developing PolyFlex, one of Polymakers main goals was to make the material easy for everyone to print. Flexible filaments are known to be difficult to work with, but now it got a lot easier! PolyFlex is designed to be compatible with almost all desktop FDM/FFF 3D printers and requires no hardware modification. PolyFlex requires no heated build plate and adheres to a large variety of surfaces! Printing PolyFlex is a smooth treat.

Printing temp: 220 – 235 for both 1.75mm and 2.85mm

Heated bed temp: Not required



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PolySupportEngineered to generate easy to remove support material!

PolySupport was engineered to offer users a new solution to one of FDM 3D printings most intimidating problems: Support Material. PolySupport prints easily and can be stored like other 3D printing materials, with no sensitivity to normal moisture and heat. PolySupport generates adequate support structures to assist the construction of your 3D printed part. You don’t need to use tools and risk damaging your 3D print, simply peel PolySupport away with your hands! Suitable for both Single and Dual extrusion 3D printers in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter. Ultimaker 3 and Ultimker 3 Extended require 2.85mm.

Single or Dual Extruders

Whether you’re using dual-extrusion or single-extrusion, PolySupport is there to support your needs. PolySupport can be used as either a dedicated support material or as the support and modelling material. In both cases, the support structure can be removed easily!

Freedom to Create

Support material can be difficult to remove and in some cases you may need to use tools which can damage part. Polymaker developed PolySupport, a material specifically engineered to generate easy to remove support structures that are still adequate to support the print in progress.

Printing temp: 225 – 235 degrees C

Printing speed: ≤ 50 mm/s

Heated bed: Not necessary



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